Key people

Church Leadership Team
We are responsible for forward planning and making church policy. We meet monthly and report to the Church Council. 

Member             Responsibility
Rev Ralph Ward   Minister
Nicola Postle        Secretary

Vanessa Collins    Church community
Isaac Conroy       Property
Sheila Jones        Service and Social Justice
Joyce Jordan       Senior Steward and Communication
Peter Jordan        Pastoral care and Fellowship
Chona Labor        Finance
Jill Mason            Youth
Martyn Ofield       Youth  

Carol Ofield          Worship
Tunde Olashore
All                       Evangelism

Worship stewards
We are responsible for ensuring that worship services on Sundays and special occasions run smoothly, liaising with preachers and musicians.

Joyce Jordan – Senior Steward
Leonie Booysie

Daphne Ford
Sheila Jones
Eddie Madakudya
Jill Mason
Tunde Olashore