Music at St Paul's


              Music at St Paul's


Methodism was born in song
(from the preface to the 1933 edition of The Methodist Hymn Book)

Music in Worship
At St Paul's music, whether we are playing or singing, is an important means of learning about, sharing and celebrating our faith. In our worship services we sing a mix of traditional and contemporary hymns and songs and we often learn new ones to add to our repertoire.  A group of singers sing worship songs before the service most weeks and lead us in our hymn-singing along with our dedicated team of pianists and other instrumentalists. We are looking forward to this band increasing in number as students from the Perforning Arts Project mentioned below gain in skill and confidence.

St Paul's Choir
We have a choir which sings a range of different types of music in the services about once a month, as well as at Lent, Easter, Advent, Christmas, Pentecost and Harvest. We meet for fellowship and singing every Friday from 7.45 - 8.45pm. New members are always welcome and you don’t need to be able to read music, just be able to sing!

Young People's Singing Group
Several of our children and young people enjoy meeting on Friday evenings (during term time) to learn and practice contemporary Christian songs. They sing in the Sunday services once a month and at special services. They also enjoy occasionally joining with the adult choir. New members are always welcome
. Rehearsals are from 7 - 7:30pm on Fridays.

Performing Arts Project

After a successful first year the Performing Arts Project will continue on Fridays from 20th September 2019. We offer half-hour lessons in guitar, keyboards, drums and singing from 4:30-7:30pm on Friday evenings. At present there is no charge for the lessons but students are expected to attend a minimum of 8 lessons, and to contribute to the music for at least one Sunday morning service per 10 week term.

 Speak Up!   an occasional course for people who read in services or give reports in meetings, as well as those interested in taking part in drama.

The Performing Arts Project is for all ages.
For more information about any of our musical activities email

A little bit of history
In 1736 John and Charles Wesley travelled across the Atlantic to America. During a terrible storm they saw a group of Moravian Christians singing hymns together and they were inspired by this expression of confidence in God, realising that their own faith was weak in comparison. After two years John and Charles returned to London where they both experienced the conviction that they personally had received salvation.

With renewed strength from the Holy Spirit John became the great preacher and Charles became the great hymn-writer who wrote about 6000 hymns, many of them still sung today by Christians across the world.

Groups for children and young people are led by people trained to be Junior Church/Youth leaders and the groups always have two adults present. St Paul’s actively follows the principles of the Safeguarding Policy of the Methodist Church. All leaders and helpers have undergone training in Safeguarding and Child Protection, and have been DBS
checked. DBS checks are renewed at the appropriate intervals. See the full policy here