What We Believe

Although beliefs are important, we realise that the heart of the gospel is not about accepting a whole string of theological statements.

It is much more to do with the person of Jesus Christ.  Our Mission Statement at St. Paul's is quite clear:-

    •    To unite in Faith

    •    To worship in Faith

    •    To grow in Faith

    •    To share the Good News

    •    To make disciples

    •    And to serve in Love.

That's it.  No tests, no theological somersaults, no quarrels about dogma.  Just Jesus!

We honestly believe that the greatest decision anyone can ever make is to reach out in faith and receive Jesus as Saviour and Lord.

When Jesus walked this earth, he met thousands of people.  And for many, life was never the same again.  The lame danced, the blind could see, the deaf could hear, the sinners were forgiven, the lepers cleansed.  Jesus never refused anyone, nor did he subject them to his theology before reaching out in compassion.  We try to do the same thing here at St.  Paul's.  The most important thing is that you get to meet Jesus, and everything we do here is designed to help you in that quest.  It does require faith, courage to reach out, and we promise to be there for you.

Prayer GroupThere are moments in all our worship services, both midweek and on Sundays, when we give opportunities for you to meet him.  Perhaps through a prayer, a moment of quietness, a line of a song.  But meet him you must!

Of course, encountering Jesus is only the beginning.  We have found the Christian life to be infinitely rewarding, and there is a whole lifetime of growing and learning in store for you.  God's Word to us, through the Bible, is still the world's best seller by a long way, and it contains a pattern for living which will astonish you.

The Methodist Church has always taught that we should live a life which, day by day, demonstrates the love and beauty of Jesus Christ.  It is the privilege of all Christians to walk this path.  This is truly an adventure, and there is much in store.

But remember!  It all begins with Jesus - each of us must take the step to reach out to him, and receive his forgiveness and peace into our lives.

The creeds can wait!